A Book worth Reading

A Book worth Reading
Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One
Happy day friends!  this week I have been reading this little novel called “your second life begins when you realize you only have one” by Rafaelle Giordano. I learned about this little novel in the Oprah magazine while getting a so needed pedicure. What I like to call “a day at the spa”! Some Me time! Yasss. I started reading this little book and let me tell you it is amazing! you won’t want to put it down. It’s not a self help book but it’s a book about simple life lessons,  learned through the eyes of the character Camille.

While reading this books I realize how busy life can get with work, caring for your family, setting rules, and your daily routine. Suddenly life becomes a routine and you forget to enjoy the simple things that bring not only you but your love ones joy. A daily routine with no feelings of enjoyment in everyday life is like not living at all.

In this novel Camille is given a weekly to do list.  for example: she was asked  to write down the things that are making her unhappy and the things that make her happy. One of the things she wrote down was how she hated all the dust in her  house. So she was asked  to cleanup the house and throw everything out she didn’t need or use. Camille found by doing this she was able to involve her family in the process and they all got to enjoy doing this together. They were bonding again and doing memorable things as a family.

This book points out those little things we overlook and take for granted. Another exercise she was given was to write down the things she enjoyed. Being a mom and caring for others and constantly worrying about others happiness leads you to forget about your own. The amazing thing about this book is that even thought it’s not a self help book but a book about how Camille seeks help for her own life’s holiness,  it makes you think about Your own and you begin to do the same or similar exercise as her and you find it to be very rewarding.

So I started thinking what are the little thing that bring me joy.   Well I though “some me time would be nice”.  A walk on the beach, watch the sunset, read a book , have a glass of wine do some alone shopping.  Just a few small things that can bring a load of happiness.

So guess what brave me does next?  I  decided that going out shopping with all 3 kids would be a good idea! As I drove to the mall I though am I crazy? With 3 kids what am I thinking ? I mean I think this is what the book means when it said “involve your family in the process”?

I can do this I though. After all I’m wearing my favorite Rebecca Minkoff t-shirt  that reads “super women”. I can take on the world I thought. Well not without almost running to the Er with my 10 year old son for a head concussion. Yeah it happened, he ran right into a rack of clothes and hit his head. Thankfully it was no Er matter and a little ice was all he needed. Needles to say  involving  your family in the process is important but in some cases like this you may want to take that task alone. I clearly missed the message on this one.

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